23 August, 2010

Stencilled & wallpapered ceilings

I was searching for some stencilles for a client when I came across these amaizing ceilings of the Peacock Pavilion rooms by decorative painter Melanie Royals from Royal Design Studios! Absolutely astonishing!

If you like to re-create the look check online stencil store at Royal Design Studios. Or you can use wallpaper can create a similar feel. And if you are in Sydney - contact Ol'Painting to book your project!

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Cool & easy designer's metal look by Liquid Metal

Remember Sydney’s 3 Wise Monkeys Pub? Did you know that the iconic front sculpture is actually made out of an artist foam and covered in Liquid Metal! It’s cool, light, and looks and feels just like a real metal!

If you have a vision of a unique metal architectural or d├ęcor item, but hesitate at the though of complicated custom welding, casting, and expensive price tag – we suggest you check Liquid Metal Technologies (LMT) products.

This Australian company manufactures unique metal finishes that can be applied in cold liquid form to virtually any surface – timber, plastic, PVC, foam, ceramic, etc. Unlike metallic paints these are real metals in liquid form. It gives a surface a real look and feel of a solid metal.

LMT product range is impressive – they basically can provide any metal, and in many finishes. They also have a ready to install panels in variety of textures.
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12 August, 2010

Project of the month - August 1

Looking today at this gorgeous and spacious Surry Hills terrace it is hard to imagine that just few months ago this was a tiny dilapidated house! It was just redesigned and renovated by talented Jonathan Clarke from Urban Interior Design.

I do not recall such a spacious & brilliantly designed terrace (and I have painted a couple hundreds of them!). Helping to transform this tiny dark house was transformed into such a retreat was amasing. I’m still not sure where the light & space came from. Looking from the street you would never guess how large the house is inside - 3 high ceiling levels, 3 bedrooms (one with a study), 3 bathrooms, a dressing room, large kitchen, dining & living, & lots of light!
Courtyard is my favourite part of the house! How gorgeous are these manicured trees and antique mirrored French doors & shutters that Jonathan searched and selected in France himself! Some people just so talented!

06 August, 2010

Domestic Blitz Nomination Form

Renovations shows are if a great interest to me. But Channel 9’s Domestic Blitz is one of my favourite! The great work they do for the inspiring families in need never fail to amaze me.

Right now they are looking for families to help! If you knows someone who is going through some tough times and need a help – put their name on a list. Here is an online nominating form.
Keep in mind - they can only consider people who own their home (this includes properties with mortgages), not renting. Don't tell the person you are nominating them. Domestic Blitz is based on surprise!