12 August, 2010

Project of the month - August 1

Looking today at this gorgeous and spacious Surry Hills terrace it is hard to imagine that just few months ago this was a tiny dilapidated house! It was just redesigned and renovated by talented Jonathan Clarke from Urban Interior Design.

I do not recall such a spacious & brilliantly designed terrace (and I have painted a couple hundreds of them!). Helping to transform this tiny dark house was transformed into such a retreat was amasing. I’m still not sure where the light & space came from. Looking from the street you would never guess how large the house is inside - 3 high ceiling levels, 3 bedrooms (one with a study), 3 bathrooms, a dressing room, large kitchen, dining & living, & lots of light!
Courtyard is my favourite part of the house! How gorgeous are these manicured trees and antique mirrored French doors & shutters that Jonathan searched and selected in France himself! Some people just so talented!

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