23 August, 2010

Cool & easy designer's metal look by Liquid Metal

Remember Sydney’s 3 Wise Monkeys Pub? Did you know that the iconic front sculpture is actually made out of an artist foam and covered in Liquid Metal! It’s cool, light, and looks and feels just like a real metal!

If you have a vision of a unique metal architectural or décor item, but hesitate at the though of complicated custom welding, casting, and expensive price tag – we suggest you check Liquid Metal Technologies (LMT) products.

This Australian company manufactures unique metal finishes that can be applied in cold liquid form to virtually any surface – timber, plastic, PVC, foam, ceramic, etc. Unlike metallic paints these are real metals in liquid form. It gives a surface a real look and feel of a solid metal.

LMT product range is impressive – they basically can provide any metal, and in many finishes. They also have a ready to install panels in variety of textures.
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