08 June, 2010

What is painters guarantee?

Ol’Painting gives 3 years warrantee against faulty workmanship on all work. We also use only premium quality materials that have 10 years manufacturer’s warrantee.

I believe this is the most reasonable deal. If there were any flows in painter's job it will show up in the first few months, definitely within a year or two. Three years will give you extra contingency. It is highly unlikely that there will be any paint damage due to painters fault after the first few years.

Whoever you chose for your painting project I strongly recommend that you never settle for anything less, and question longer warrantees - they are not necessarily better, but you have to know what to look for.

There are 2 parts to every painters guarantee:

  • Warrantee against faulty workmanship.
    99% of poor paint performance is caused by painters mistake in preparations or paint choose. This warrantee requires a painter will fix any faults in their work within specified period for free. Keep in mind that this warrantee does not cover damage from external factors, eg. water damage.

1 year or less warrantee usually is a sign of a poor workmanship and/or low quality materials being used.

More then 3 years warrantee on labour is misleading, as it makes you feel you are getting a better deal, when you don’t. It is highly unlikely that any damage due to painters fault will appear after initial few years. Ussualy it would be caused by external factors that are not covered by any warrantee – eg. water leak, dry rot, timber cracking, decay of lover layers of paint or plaster). Some 5 years warrantees are made under the pressure from a manufacturer in exchange for an advertisement and certification.

10 years warrantee is so excessive, I would seriously question it! Most likely you will receive only a manufacturer’s warrantee on paint, and it does not cover a faulty workmanship at all. In addition, many painting companies are less then 10 years old businesses. When they give you 10 years guarantee – this is just not serious!

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