04 June, 2010

Is Dulux a good paint?

Some people believe that any paint other then Dulux is poor quality. This can not be further from the truth. I am rarely choose to work Dulux paint. Here’ why:
  • Dulux does a lot of TV ads targeting “normal mum’s & dad’s” who only occasionally are involved in painting – they charge about 30% premium, and no real quality benefits. Their TV commercials sais they are the best – but this is call marketing!

  • Taubmans & Bristol target traders and are much more negotiable with the price.

Being a professional painter I personally prefer Taubmans premium quality paint because:

  • They are as good in quality as any other paint brand in a premium quality range including Dulux paints (do not believe everything TV commercial says! :))

  • Have same 10 years manufacturers guarantee as Dulux or any other paint in the same quality range (Taubmans Endure is actually the first Australian paint with 15 years guarantee).

  • Have same have extra “Dirt Shield” (dirt sticks less to it) – something Dulux paint do not have;

  • My prices for Taubmans paint are about 30% less compare to Dulux – so I’m just passed this saving to the client.

I would not change a warrantee on my work depending on a brand of paint. I only work with premium quality range paints. I know for sure that within the same quality range all paints are basically the same. So why would not take the best value?

If a client really wants to use Dulux, I don’t mind, but I would have to charge extra to cover additional material cost. But in my opinion it would be a waist of money with no real benefits gained.

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