08 June, 2010

What is paint manufacturer’ warrantee?

All paints from the premium quality range are covered by 10 years manufacturer’s guarantee, notwithstanding the paint brand.

The only exceptions are membrane paints – 7 years, and timber varnishes – 1 year. The newly released Taubmans Endurance is Australia’s first with 15 years guarantee.

Paint from any lower quality range would be a compromise on quality and will have shorter manufacturers guarantee.

Modern paints are very good and consistent in quality. I never in my experience had to apply for manufacturers warrantee (Ol’Painting works only with a premium quality paints). But I heart of people having big problems with “designer” & "hand-made" paint brands and taking the manufacturer to the court. I strongly recommend to use paint form the main manufacturers whenever possible!

Keep in mind - a manufacturer warrantee is not valid if psint is applied incorrectly. This is when a personal painter’s warrantee against faulty workmanship steps in.

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