22 April, 2013

Baby News and Gender Neutral Nursery

We have a beautiful baby who is gorgeous little person, an absolute joy to watch. But time if very scarce now and my blog was neglected for very long.

This is our gender neutral nursery. Our theme - Monkeys and Giraffes. Colour scheme - white, burned orange and olive.
We are renting while our house extension is in progress – can not paint or make any permanent changes. So wall decals are our solution. Decals are custom made by Etsy's PinkBlueBaby. We redesigned it from their standard design to our likings, colour, and size to fit our room. I painted furniture and mum-to-be made baby blankets and towels.

An old family photos display using old painted frames. Also framed the butterfly that did not made it through our wedding butterfly release. So is now pinned up on a wall for as a memory. Will fill empty frame with baby's first flowers.