17 May, 2012

Taking All-White Interior to the Extreme

All white interiors are very popular. But this one is what I call the Extreme White!
Klaus Biesenbach, director of MoMa’s PS1, loves a vacuum. For years, he lived in a nearly empty apartment on the Lower East Side. Last summer, he lent the place to an artist friend, who brought in a sofa, table and chairs and painted the whole place white, even the TV.

Mr. Biesenbach was more amused than irritated. He considered his friend’s gesture a performance piece.
He tends to avoid the sofa, however, and has plans to jettison it. Since it is more story than object, he said, “the story allows you to throw it out because you are not throwing out an object but ending a story.”

The microwave and espresso machine, with their coat of white house paint, no longer function. Mr. Biesenbach never used them anyway.

Mr. Biesenbach was happy his friend did not paint the TV screen or the glass in his windows. “He honored the image,” he said."
Via: NYT

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