22 December, 2011

In a Press: SMH "Apartments You can't get Into"

Spotted in this weekend's Sydney Moring Herals - Australian Financial Review an article “Apartments you can’t buy into” featuring one of our past projects – the magnificent La Corniche on Milsons Point! It was our Project of the Month some time ago.

Sydney Morning Herald featured this property as top 5 apartment blocks in Australia as “Apartments you can’t buy into” - they are too good to be sold, no matter what the money are. According to SMH despite constant offers to the owners the last sale here was in 2002, and the gossip is that the mystery buyer who then bought 2 of 5 apartments in this block paying 15milions for each was John Travolta! How about that?!

We have not seen John Travolta there (not that I would tell anyone if we did see him!). But I would not be too surprised - it’s an absolutely unique property. It was a real privilege to do such project!

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