03 October, 2010

Project of a month - October

One more Strata Building make over. This one is in Dee Why.

Val, the lovely older lady who is managing the property and owns an apartment here since the building was built in 60’s – is a great story teller! Hard to believe, but this was a very first building of a brand new green field subdivision. The land was previously owned by the Salvation Army, and the condition of property sale was that residents are not allowed to consume an alcohol. How peculiar!

And apparently Paul Hagan was growing up in this block! Val was telling stories of former residents “…We had those Hogans living here. Their young sun Paul was very naughty. The mother was always telling him off and saying – you will not end up well…” And then he grew up to become everyone’s favorite Paul Hogan! How funny!

Confirming colours


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