15 March, 2010

"Kilimanjaro for Ovarian Cancer Cure" completed

Thanks from the bottom of our harts to all people who supported and sponsored our “Kilimanjaro for Ovarian Cancer Cure” event!

We just returned from the expedition, still exhausted. We both made it to the top (just!). Honestly, if it was not for the charity and we did not get supprt of so many people we would quit few hundred meters before the summit. (I know it sounds like a cliché, but it is very much try!) The air is just so thin here! But our pain and tidiness will pass. We are so happy we made to the summit. Thanks everyone for supporting our cause and giving us this extra motivation!

I’ll set up a slideshow to report back to all our sponsors & supporters. But in a meantime I’ll share with you some of my favourite pictures from the expedition.
DAY 1 - Cloud ForestDAY 2 - MoorelandDAY 3 - View to Mavenzi Pick
DAY 5 - SummitDAY 5 - long day
DAY 5 -still a long way down
A friendship born on a climb
and last, but not least - our (and not only ours) support team

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