01 September, 2009

Kt Kilimanjaro for Ovarian Cancer Cure

I don't normally talk much about, but 3 years ago my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She lived just 9 more months. It’s hard to watch a person you love dying! I sincerely hope that none of me readers will go through the same loss!

1 in 70 Australians women will develop ovarian cancer before the age of 85. Only 42% will survive after 5 years. So we decided to help to get this cure quicker!

In February 2010 our Ol’ Painting team – me and Oleksandra, will climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research. At 5,896m (19,344ft), “Kili” is the highest pick in Africa and one of the world largest free-standing mountains. We promise to work our guts out, fight the weather, altitude sickness and anything else on our way to the top. In exchange we ask for your donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research!

I’ll post updates on fundraising, planning and training this blog for our sponsors and friends to read. Wish us a good luck!

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