22 March, 2011

Little Living Space Design

So much is said about how unaffordable the housing is - it’s depressing. So this video to remind you that happiness is an attitude! And a bit of attitude and creativity can go a very long way!
Christian Schallert created the most amazing place out of a tinny-tiny 24 squre metre (250 square foot) depilated pigeon loft that nobody wanted! It’s a Lego for grown up and a boat-inspired loft living! Everything is convertible and multi-used. It’s amazing how stylish, unclutters and functional this apartment is!

14 March, 2011

Disaster in Japan

Poor Japan! One disaster after another! Can’t watch TV news anymore, can’t stop watching it!

04 March, 2011

Win $10,000 worth home re-painting!

You can win $10,000 worth home re-painting, thanks to the First National Real Estate & Dulux! You do not need to be their client. But you have to be NSW resident. To enter the competition visit www.pimpyourproperty.com.au and follow the prompts.

Painting is one of the most important way to add value to the home. As National Communications Manager, Stewart Bunn put it - "I’m sure that whoever wins this competition will improve the value of their home by more than the $10,000 investment First National will be making on their behalf"
Good luck!