16 November, 2009

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Run

Last week Ol’ Painting team run JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Centennial Park, helping to raise money for !Football United! This is our first team run and we hope it will become out tradition.

Top pickture: JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

10 November, 2009

Project of the Month - November 1

This waterfront apartment block on Bondi Beach is undergoing a major refurbishment inside/out. Most of outside work is finished and scaffolds are coming off in a next week.

03 November, 2009

Project of the Month - October 2

Taylor’s College and Charles Sturt University at Darlinghurst call us again for another maintenance painting. This time most of classroom needed a fresh coat of paint. All work here must be done over weekends. So each Monday morning the college is fresh and clean and all furniture and equipment is in places.

This place is like a large maze! You navigate it with the map! They use 9 different colours and it took me almost a whole day just to mark which colour going to which classroom.

02 November, 2009

Pink Ribbon Ride 2009

Oleksandra, our manager, for took part in a Pink Ribbon Ride and a group of us from Ol ‘Painting went to support her and to watch the ride start.

728bikes were officially registered. But they count almost 1,000 bikes at a carpark before the ride started. You should hear the road when thy all took off! People on streets along the ride were lining up to watch bikes passing. What an incredible event!
Top Photo: Pink Ribbon Ride