19 September, 2010

Do man really colour blind?

So many times I witnessed woman teasing man about being colour blind. It got me interested to do a small research.

Aparently colour deficiency is much more common in (European) man (8%) then woman (0.4%). This is not an urban myth! This is because it is linked to the X chromosome. Man only have one X chromosome and would get a colour deficiency if it’s impaired. Woman with one good X chromosome will still recognise colours.

So ladies – next time a guy asks you if something matches, just give him a hand!

Whant a quick test? Within patters below are dots which form a number visible to those with a normal colour vision.

12 September, 2010

How to paint ceilings without damaging walls & furniture

Want to paint ceilings and worry that your walls or belongings can get damaged? Can’t move all furniture away? No need to stress out about!

This is what the preparation for a ceiling panting should look like. We seal with plastic drop sheets & tape all walls and cover all furniture. Obviously this is in addition to the canvas drop sheets that cover all floors. Only after everything is safely covered we would start repairs and painting.

I’m not going to hide – it is time & labour consuming work. But once we safely cover everything your walls and furniture will be protected even from tiny paint over-splash from a roller.

We always use new plastic drop sheet. We never reuse them, as over-splash from previous work would get on your furniture and can stick to it, or just create dust and dirt around your house. New drop sheets ensure your house will stay clean.

Feel confident your ceiling painting will be quick and safe? Concact Ol’ Painting for no obligation quote.

Project of the month - August 2

One more strata project completed – this one is a large art deco apartment block in Point Piper.

We had to collaborat with other traders here - all brickwork was repainted and front wall recalled and we did painting as a part of the same project. We had to schedule our works so we all can work of one scaffold, to minimise inconvenience and cost to the residents. So the work was done in stages over few months.